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Articles and Letters by Jim Wayne Miller

"Accepting Things Near," Appalachian Heritage 13, (Winter/Spring 1984)
"A Felt Linkage," Berea Alumnus 44, (July-August 1973) Reprinted in Mountain Review
"An Interview with Jim Wayne Miller, " Appalachian Journal 6, (Spring 1979)
"A Letter on Poetry from Jim Wayne Miller," Kentucky Poetry Review 18, 19 (Fall/Spring 1983)
"A Life of Fiction (Katherine Anne Porter)," Louisville Courier-Journal May 13, 1984
"All the Daughters of Her Father's House," High Roads Folio 12, 1987
"A Mirror for Appalachia," In Higgs, Robert J., and Ambrose N. Manning, editors. Voices from the Hills: Selected Readings of Southern Appalachia. New York: Frederick Ungar, 1975.
"An Exchange of Letters: Frank Steele and Jim Wayne Miller," Plainsong 2 (Spring 1980)
"Anytime the Ground is Uneven: The Outlook for Regional Studies-And What to Look Out for," In Mallory, William E. and Paul Simpson-Housley, editos. Geography and Literature: A Meeting of the Disciplines. Syracuse University Press, 1987.
"Appalachian Culture and History: Part of America's Past and Present and Indicative of Its Future," Focus: Teaching English Language Arts 10, (Winter 1984)
"Appalachian Education: A Critique and Suggestions for Reform," Appalachian Journal 5 (Autumn 1977)
"Appalachian Literature: A Guide to Appalachian Studies," Appalachian Journal 5 Autumn 1977)
"Appalachian Literature: At Home in This World," The Iron Mountain Review 2 (Summer 1984)
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"Appalachian Values/American Values," Appalachain Heritage 5 (Fall 1977); 6 (Winter 1978); 6 (Spring 1978); 6 (Summer 1978); 6 (Fall 1978); 7 (Winter 1979)
"Appalachia's Literary Renaissance: An Essay-Review of Recent Publications," Appalachian Notes 5 (1977, Fourth Quarter)
"Appalachian Studies Hard and Soft: The Action People and the Creative Folk," Appalachian Journal 9 (Winter/Spring 1982)
"At Last-A Cure for Video Blues," Mossy Creek Journal 9 (Spring 1985)
"Beaucoons of Words," New York Times Magazine (January, 1985)
"Daring to Look in the Well: A Conversation," James Still and Jim Wayne Miller. Iron Mountain Review 2 (Summer 1984)
"Jesse Stuart: The Life of the Poet, the Poetic Life," Appalachian Heritage 15 (Winter 1987)
"Jim Dandy: James Still at Eighty," Appalachian Heritage 14 (Fall 1986)
"Katherine Anne Porter," High Roads Folio 11 (Spring 1986)
"Kudzu (The Next Big Thing: Kudzu)," High Roads Folio XIV (Spring 1989)
"Labels on the Mind... Taking a Philosophical Look at what is Fashionable," Louiville Courier-Journal May 16, 1982
"Lambs and Wolves (satire/parody of Bobbie Ann Mason)," Thalia: Studies in Literary Humor 6/2 (Fall/Winter 1983)
"Living into the Land, Hemlock and Balsams," Lees-McRae Review March 1989
"Long, Long Ago: A Romantic History of Catchup County," Thalia: Studies in Literary Humor 6/2 (Fall/ Winter 1983)
"Making a Whole Out of Parts," Southern Highlands Institute for Educators Newsletter (Fall 1988)
"More on Appalachian Literature," Appalachian Journal 4 (Autumn 1976)
"Names, Names, Names, " The Uncommon Reader (Winter 1989)
"New Generation of Savages Sighted in West Virginia," Appalachian Heritage 16/4 (Fall 1988)


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